Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wise Men and Women Still Seek The Lord!

A couple of millennia ago, wise men foresaw the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. These "Wise men" gave up both time and expense to travel great distances based only on their conviction and knowledge, to seek out Jesus Christ, although only just a child when they finally reached Him.

What did these wise men know, how did they know it and why? I am afraid I am unable to answer all those questions satisfactorily but I do know that the wise men were never described as unstable men that might  easily have been swayed by a sudden whim. They were wise, because they had spent their lives seeking wisdom and knowledge, because they had learned to put thought and prayer into their decisions.

The method of thinking, living and acquiring knowledge used by these men, led them to uncover the when and where of the birth of our Lord, with such surety that they simply packed and left for the event--and they were since spoken of and recorded in history as being wise. This is indeed who many people today think of if they hear the words "Wise men." Their wisdom consisted in finding their way to our Lord and Savior.

We now have a detailed record of the teachings of not only Jesus Christ but also His apostles and many prophets, speaking of Him for centuries. We have what it takes, it should be easy to copy the feat that established those men at the time of Christ as wise.

By referring to these men of the past as wise, we have recognized their actions to seek the Lord as wise. The scriptures have made the words of our Lord easily accessible to us all and many people fail at prioritizing a pursuit of the gospel in life, thinking tomorrow, next week or sometime when I get old will be a better time--is that wise? Wise men and women still seek Him, throughout life!

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