Sunday, December 25, 2011

Elder W. Christopher Waddell - The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are now seen almost all over the world and everywhere they go they are easily recognizable. Future missionaries or returned missionaries are not always as easy to recognize but they both have a mission in common. The preparations of the future missionary speaks volumes of who the returned missionary is going to be.

To teach God's words it's not enough to recite a text, it must first be lived, experienced, felt and then through the Spirit, understood. A lot is expected from these missionaries, as they give not only two years of their lives to share their beliefs with others but also who they've become through living that same gospel.

Although so much rests on the preparation, a mission becomes a strongly formative experience and it is a treasured time for those who serve, spent in diligence, faith and devotion. While not everyone agrees with the message of the missionaries, many look up them wherever they go--and with good reason. Missionaries  are good people!

In the words of Elder W. Christopher Waddell. A mission truly is an "Opportunity of a lifetime."

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