Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 015 - Sunshine

I'm beginning to miss a good Mom and Dad hug, but work keeps me busy and I sure like to be out here. It's not like I am "trunkin' out" and getting all homesick.

I have finally nailed down the exact departure date when I will be leaving Denmark to be July 27th. I was at the embassy the other day and took care of some business there. Things are finally getting into gear and falling in place. The July 27th departure date allows for some planned baptisms (three) and a couple more zone conferences. I am getting the best of both worlds and love it and I'll be able to enjoy the 4th of July BBQ at our Mission Presidents home, YES!!!!

Not much is happening here. But we do the work and we have been blessed to have two planned baptisms in this area and they are going well so far. Additionally we have some prospective baptism dates and we are working on helping them through the potential obstacles.

Things continue to go well and we are getting a lot done. My companions are excellent missionaries and effective planners and I feel privileged far beyond my share to continually witness the change in people when they hear about the gospel.

In order to maximise our efforts we've begun to work with the members again. We just drop in on the members when we're in the area--just to see how they're doing and if there is anything we can help them with. They get to know us better and it seems it helps them trust us enough to send us to their friends.

We have discovered a new way to measure success. You are successful if you're tired and you are still working hard, (and we are tired all the time so I guess we doing OK?).

We are enjoying the good weather (LOTS of SUNSHINE and it's HOT and MUGGY) and yes, I will begin using sunscreeen. Our car get's very hot though in this weather. Missionary cars don't have have AC so the first thing we do when we get in is to roll the windows down. We could drive around like a bunch of puppies with our heads out the windows, facing the wind with out tongues hanging out--but I am afraid they would all think that we had lost it completely, so we don't do that but the thought had crossed my mind.

We all recieved permission from our Mission President to stay up late, so we could stay out and watch the annual witch burning. I don't think she really minds it as she keeps coming back every year. It was fun, and I got some good pictures!! They actually tried to ignite it by shooting arrows, but the missed all forty times, so they chose to go out with a Sievert ( a GOOD blowtorch) and take proper care of business.

I have been converted. I have now entirely abstained from the ways of the electric shaver to embrace a proper shave using the manual razor. It's changed my life ;) well, at the very least it has changed and cleared my skin up considerably and I'm very happy about it, as you can tell.

Well I hope that you guys take care and that you are enjoying the Danish summer (without the rain) AIN'T IT GREAT?

Love y'all! "Muah"

Elder Jepsen

PS: Today is big cleaning day and we have in mind to chuck a lot of the junk that has piled up in our apartment over the many missionary generations before our arrival. Sister missionaries used to live here (NO, of course NOT while there was elders) last year and there's a lot of stuff still stuff like hairdryer's, woman's deo and other stuff best described as stuff.

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