Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 026 - Praying in Faith

I am sorry about the super short mail this time. I wrote a nice long email and then the mail program locked up and crashed, my computer time has run out and there is no way of getting back my original mail. I should have saved my work along the way, but you know... fools rush in...??? Well, it's gone like last years rain. Sorry.

Since this latest group of new missionaries from the MTC arrived that I was a part of, the Minnesota Minneapolis Mission has more missionaries than ever before in history.

My companion and I found three new families to teach last week and three more at the beginning of this week! The Lord is there for us, listening and answering our prayers as well as the prayers of the families we teach. Teaching the gospel is the greatest. Last week I told you of a prospective sister that sought us out to re-establish her connection with the church and prepare for baptism. While she already knows many of the beliefs and has a strong testimony of the restoration, she is hard at work learning all she can about the gospel. Her baptism is scheduled for October fifth, which is also her birthday and she is looking forward to it.

You wanted more pictures for the blog, sorry. My camera somehow turned on by itself (or I forgot to turn it off) resulting in the lens protection breaking. The camera is refusing to cooperate until properly serviced by the caring hands of a technician. I have tried to renegotiate the terms, but I don't speak "Camera-tech." (I know I could try to pray for it to mend, but the camera repair guy is probably praying for bread and butter). I will try to send you better descriptions in place of pictures. Please forgive my stupidity and be patient with me.

Love you all, you're in my prayers.

Elder Jepsen

PS: Commandments do not make us heavenly, but the Savior does as HE helps us live them!

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