Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 027 - What Matters Most

We have been working hard this past week and have just barely set another baptismal goal date with a girl a couple years older than us. She has had an increasing interest in the church over the last ten years and really could enjoy being a part of the church, rather than just looking in from the outside. It is so exciting to see the change that happens in people, as they learn to trust in the Lord and His power to deliver us when only we show our faith in Him, choose and act accordingly. It's what matters most and I pray that the Lord will protect her and all the other people we teach, that their testimonies stay strong and grow stronger. Nobody can do it by themselves, we all need God's help regardless of who owns the hands that are His tools.

The work here is progressing well and we are teaching a lot of nice people. I just wish that they all could have a sneak peek at the bigger picture, if they could only see the principles of what we are trying to teach them in the proper context of life itself. Not that I see the whole picture, but I know enough to know how the doctrines fall better into place with greater understanding. The great thing about the gospel is that as we increase our scriptural knowledge our faith is confirmed and it all makes more sense every step of the way. It is difficult to know God if we don't know His words to us, as they are recorded.

The summer has been delayed a bit and we're having a marvelous Indian summer, much to the disapproval of the locals who already had their summer holidays and without the weather we are having now. Although the leaves are falling and autumn is here, the weather is quite fabulous, warm and comfortable (for now). BUT, winter is scheduled and they have told us it returns every year. You would love the many colors of the leaves.

The members here are great, they like feeding us and we regularly have three dinner appointments a week. There are some wonderful families here that I like a lot. It is a really nice area here.

Love you all! Have to run (there is work to be done).
Take care!

Elder Jepsen

Quotes from other Minnesota Minneapolis Missionaries:

Going home Elder Spencer J. Hansen said: You have to leave and it kind of stinks. You give so very little, compared to what you get.

Elder Derick K. Lowe: Our Savior is there for everyone & anyone--it’s true; that’s why we’re here. We have been called of God; we are in our assigned areas for a specific reason, to testify & share what we have been brought up to do & know. I know as we follow the spirit & do the things we know & have been taught to know, we can bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the area
that we are in!

Elder Kyle E. Jemmett: Without diligence, you are not going to have much fun on your mission. When you are diligent, nothing can get in your way. I know how much the Savior cares for me & each of you.

Doctrine & Covenants - Section 136:29 http://scriptures.lds.org/en/dc/136

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