Monday, January 10, 2011

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 91 - Lay Hold Upon Every Good Thing

My new area has been treating me very well. Although quite a large area, it's a lot smaller than the Hibbing area that actually covered the entire Iron Range. We have a good part of Lakeville, Farmington and Hampton but very different from what I am used to. Elder Jason Wayne Messenger and I get along quite well. To show our appreciation for each other we have made a practice of insulting each others countries, giving Elder Messenger a bit of an advantage since I (kind of) have two whole countries to pick from and that seems to work for him.

I couldn't begin to list all the great blessings allowed me in the past two years, all for which I owe endless gratitude to God. My mission has given me so many things that I want to share with everyone but they are feelings more than things and I just don't know any words that big. I want to share the feeling with you and have no words but I know that you too know that same feeling. Thank you for helping me find it and I have found many a good thing here.

Elder Happonen is now training a new missionary. I'm so happy!

I feel blessed with the responsibility of being a District Leader. I am looking forward to serving the Elders here and it has already taught me a lot. I'm working my hardest at turning it into an advantage that I now have the experience of a nearly completed mission to draw on when needed. I know I must focus on where I am now and not where I might be some weeks from now but in view of past observations it might have its own trials being near the end of a mission. 

I also did not need reminding of your anniversary, I promise! We had a meeting with a recent convert who had her one year baptism anniversary yesterday, and that got my wheels working... 9th of january...why is that familiar... OH, and then I remembered, thirty-one years--congratulations! I knew you would cut me to the chase and tell me about it but, I remembered. I love you both and you have been a GREAT example to me. Happy thirty-one years of marriage and THANK YOU! You two have a good thing!

Luv ya!

Elder Jepsen

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