Monday, January 31, 2011

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 94 - Grown-Ups Doing REALLY STUPID STUFF!

Life here is cool (both °C and °F) over here. I managed to give the car a little break from all the hard work we expect from it every day as I was pulling over to make a u-turn. The surface snow on the curb looked flat and hard... but wasn't. I know and tell myself "That was REALLY stupid" just so you don't have to make any redundant efforts telling me what I have already told myself.

To get back to my story. The snow looked as innocent and white as snow and stupidly I trusted it to be there for me, supporting me in my intent. It turns out that snow can't be trusted from afar, up close or under the surface and I was left to suffer the consequences of my own stupidity. You guessed it, I dipped the passengers side of the car into the snow and we "stucked ourselves!" Perhaps we secretly hoped that quickly adapting the terminology of five-year olds might cover that we were grown-ups doing REALLY STUPID STUFF!

I really wasn't too pleased with myself but "Stucked Ourselves" became the catchphrase and helped us laugh, while waiting for some form of higher intelligence to flow by to save us from our ignorant ways.

While waiting for help from a member with a big heart and a dually truck to match (called in our moment of embarrassment), a fellow Christian stopped and pulled us out. It made me feel good to see how true Christians are to be found everywhere!

Mom, I know you have been asking yourself and don't worry "There's no blood--there's NO BLOOD!" Dad, I know you you've always taught us not to worry about a bit of blood "Just plug up the leak" you'd say, but not to worry--there was no damage done to car.

I've sent an email of to VUC in Denmark asking for their advice. President Howell suggested that instead of using the resources for two years in DK on HF, that I could go to BYU-Idaho, do the preparation and take an ACT, which he thought would help me out but I suppose it would help me more in the US than DK. I'm not sure if I like the idea much or if it is even possible, but I do like to consider and research every option carefully. Please, let me know what you think.

It could seem that I will get a visit for my birthday when I get home, eh? If that wasn't enough, it will also be the time for Sant Jordi on April 23rd! So much to do and so little time.

One of the people we teach came to church yesterday, it was awesome! When we met with him this last week, he said that he was not going to promise us that he was going to come to church. He wouldn't even promise himself. Though afterwards he said: "But I will promise God that I will come to church on Sunday." It was a very powerful moment. I was surprised when he said that and even more surprised when he actually came! I love how this wonderful Gospel has the ability to cause a deep change in people. I'm hoping that I'll be able to see him enter into the waters of baptism before I go home (and hopefully along with his family).

Love you guys! I hope that everything's working out just fine for all. 
Miss ya!

Elder Jepsen

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