Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 92 - We Are, That We Might Have Joy

That was quite the week you had! I'm glad that it all worked out just perfectly and that you were able to help out Jen. How is she doing?

My week had the looks of being amazing but didn't quite work out that way. My companion had a cold earlier in the week but it really wasn't too bad until he shared it with me and now I've been miserable. It now seems to me that nasal passages and brain access could be closely connected, as both has behaved as if without connection for the duration. Well, we are getting out of it. On the BIG PLUS side: Being ill has attracted quite the pampering and we've had lot's of hot chocolate. This next week looks promising and hopefully that's the way it'll turn out as well.

But, in reflecting on the past week: If God didn't want us to experience illness he would have made us immune. I guess I am not just here to have joy but to learn from my weaknesses and without any weaknesses it might be a lot harder to see God's hand in my life? Does that not translate to the path to joy holding some degree of misery, that there might be opposition in all things? Maybe I should lay off on the hot chocolate, it's going to my head? I wouldn't have had any hot chocolate if not for a miserable cold. Oooh, the very idea of it--I'm going to stop right now. There is potentially way too much pondering in this and I have lots more missionary work to be done.

My companion is awesome. He has an good desire to be obedient, and he is a hard worker, which is awesome. At the same time, he's pretty laid back, which suits me just fine. It's a good balance and it works well with both of us.

As you can see, not too much has happened... sorry! I've been trying to rest and get better without it being too much of an obstacle for us.

Love you!

Elder Jepsen

PS. What is wrong with Boulder, hope he's okay?

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