Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 93 - How I Love My Savior, Always He's Mindful of Me

Yes, the weather has been slightly cold but we don't complain (many are cold but few are frozen). I was able to recover well and get rid of my nasty cold. I liked the hot chocolate but it's not really fun to be sick and I'm happy to be a lot better now.

It's a little harder to ignore that I am coming home soon, as I soon have to begin making a few plans. A Sister from the Mission Office called and asked about home airports and I asked her to send me to Billund. I know you only have the motorcycle on the road at the moment, do you have any suggestions for my big suitcases???

Last Saturday (two days ago) a member of the Bishopric called me, and asked if they could bail them out as they just a had a speaker cancellation. I got to speak as the main speaker about missionary work from a talk given last October by Elder Russell M. Nelson. It actually turned out alright and I quite enjoyed it.

This week was almost horrible. All of our plans fell through and we lost three good people off our books (they dropped us). This is such a contrast to my previous missionary experience, where I have had a lot of people to teach. I now have almost no one to teach, reminding me once again of how little I am capable on my own. 

One would think after having nearly finished a two-year mission that past experience could carry me part of the way and I might be able to take some credit for my own strength, but no! Once again the Lord is reminding me that I am in His service, finding the people He has prepared for me to find and I better listen to Him telling me how, where, when and if. It can feel a bit rough but I like it! I've learned that any increase in strength is only achieved though an increased burden. Maybe God want's me to be stronger and more prepared for my next assignment or life when I get home? Without God I really am worthless, trusting in my own strength, thinking that I can take on everything alone. But with Him--how I love my Savior, always He's mindful of me and with Him I can lift any burden He wants lifted.

I'll be looking for a job almost the day after I come home. I'm hoping that our Bishop might be able to help out on that one now that I have a drivers license and if not I'll find something else. But, I am sure we'll be able to work something out (and thank you so much for your help)! I really can't arrange too much while I'm here, but perhaps I'll have plenty of time to figure out stuff when I come home... in nine weeks.

Love you all!

Elder Jepsen

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