Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 51 - I Wouldn't Want to be Any Other Place Than Right Here, Right Now!

Things are going great. We are blessed to bring several less active people to church and it is awesome! I feel it a great pleasure to serve here. I could praise this area to the skies all day long. The ward leaders are doing a lot of work to ensure that our time is never wasted and our work goes as smooth as possible. I consider it an honor to be on their side in this work. The ward here has an exemplary degree of dedication and willingness to do what has to be done to optimize their missionaries efforts.

I am grateful to the Lord for surrounding me with missionaries and leaders that I can look up to and learn so much from. A mission is truly an opportunity for constant progression as long as you keep challenging yourself.

I love this area. We bus around a lot and we get to see many interesting scenes on the way to our appointments. It is not uncommon to see a police cars with big flashing lights arresting somebody right there on the street as we ride by on the bus. The contrast between people being arrested laying prostrate on the asphalt in between moving cars and the people we teach who are sensitive to gentle whisperings of the Holy Ghost is one to really make you appreciate the gospel.

The snow is finally melting. I have not seen a lawn or any greens the last four months and was surprised the other day when the snow gave way. I had nearly forgotten the color green.

Give Jennifer a shout out from me! Respect! My sister is rocking with all the smart people! Yes! Kudos to her from me!

We have two people getting baptized this weekend and they are awesome! We have just been working with them the past couple weeks, but they have been working with missionaries before us for a year. So I'm just blessed to be at the end of the line. We'll be setting everything up for the baptism for Saturday.

I am continually humbled by the Lord trusting me with teaching these wonderful people about His gospel. It is as if I am not doing anything and yet I get all the credit and joy from the experience. The people we find, decide for themselves to listen, first to our message, then to the promptings from the Holy Ghost. They want an answer to their prayers and they decide to listen to and follow that answer. As we teach these people, they read the scriptures that hold the directions for bringing God into their lives. I haven't made them a product, I haven't created anything and I am not doing anything of my own. God is already there for them and the gospel is already there. Reading the scriptures is nothing new and living Gods commandments is nothing new. Certainly praying to God in earnest humility is nothing new. Joseph Smith tried prayer and it worked for him, I tried it and it worked for me. All I do is share what I know and feel about God, His gospel and my experience in trying to align my life with God. It is all really so simple and yet it changes lives everywhere around us, every day.

Gotta go. Love you all!

Elder Lee Jepsen

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