Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 54 - Easter Message

The weather is changing and we're back on our bikes again, it's wonderful and I have missed it! I can finally start burning some of all my winter fat. Woohoo!

Wow! Those pictures of Paul and Brittany are amazing! They look very happy together, and very together!

Eric met Elder Dane Christensen? Awesome! He had just barely started his mission in
Denmark as I was leaving for the MTC... Wow...

What an odd sequence my mission turned out to be so far. Not that I mind, like Dad I like the road less traveled. Dad never was a flock animal either (you know, like sheep) more like the lone wolf, the leader of the pack that you gladly follow, but don't want to cross. But, thankfully my mission has been nothing ordinary: First I am called to serve in one mission, then due to changing visa-laws I begin serving my mission in my home country to not delay everything. I even get to serve in my old home congregation for a little while. After being on a mission for some time, I get my visa and can travel to the MTC (Mission Training Center). I get my training to learn what I have been doing, not that I didn't have LOTS to learn (the MTC was a great experience and I enjoyed learning more of what I was to do). Then, well into the timeline of my mission I get to go to the mission where I was originally called to serve, only to leave the country again to serve in the one corner of the mission that overlaps yet another country entirely, namely Canada where I was born. It's been a long trip to get here, but I am finally in the heart of the mission I were was first called to serve and I love it here too. My mission sure is a mission to write home about, in every way there is and I am grateful to be here!

When my current companion Elder Noffsinger and I talk about my past areas, we don't refer to a specific area but which country I was in at the time... it's pretty funny that it took me a whole year to finally get to the States.

I love that the Lord has a great sense of humor, and also the fact that he knows me perfectly enough to know what I need to experience on my mission. Here's just one example:
The Bishop in our ward has stressed ever since we began the program called "Mobilizing the Ward Mission" that we start with a hymn in the beginning of every single missionary lesson. It was NOT my idea, you know me! I was terrified of singing before and it took a lot of guts to do any public singing. I will NEVER forget my EPIC FAILURE of singing in front of 500+ people, but I really wanted to challenge myself.

When I heard that we had to start singing, my stomach just went into a knot... this was going to be TOUGH. I realized that if I had to do this I couldn't do it alone. I knelt down and just admitted to God that I was terrified (as if He didn't know, I'd bet He was expecting my call for help). I pleaded with the Lord that this needed to be a little bit more successful than last time I sang for others to hear.

At our first appointment after receiving our new directions to use song, we began with a hymn and you could immediately feel the difference. The singing was not fabulous and it was not the kind of miracle where we suddenly sang as if we had fifty years of professional singing behind us, but we followed the directions of our priesthood leaders and offered the Lord our compliance and obedience. Our offering was accepted and the response was immediate as the Holy Ghost made it's presence known. The Spirit was present and strong, and the awesome thing was that I had no problem with my expected fear and inadequacy. I just sang, and keyed in just great with Elder Noffsinger and since then we've just been singing everywhere we go. We even sang on the street once and now we have a baptism coming up because of it in three weeks from now. Words really can't explain how this feels!

Easter is here and it's a time where people are reminded of our Saviour. We are just running into people left and right these days, wanting us to teach them. We meet people on the street, who are truly searching for truth in their lives. It's amazing and I love it!

We're trying to get as many people to the upcoming General Conference as we can, because I know that can be a powerful experience. I can't wait, it's going to be amazing! If you humble yourself before God and open your heart, General Conference is a spiritual feast and always serves to confirm and remind me that our priesthood leaders are men of God. I am so grateful that Jesus Christ Himself truly is the one leading this Church, as He has said: "This is my church, and I will establish it; and nothing shall overthrow it, save it is the transgression of my people." (Mosiah 27:13).

Oh hint, hint! For a birthday gift... mormon.dk has a whole bunch of free download mp3 downloads with church music and stuff.... Please?

Love you all!
Elder Lee Jepsen

PS: Eric, give the Boulder a wrestle from me, please :) I miss you kiddo, STUDY "PMG" NOW, NOT LATER--NOW! To wield the force wisely, you must first know what it is! AHA!

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