Thursday, July 9, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 016 - Hot Danish Summer

YES! It has been very, very hot! But it wasn't wet and it wasn't cold, so we survive. Thank you Mom for reminding me to use sunscreen. I love you mom. ;)

I'm trying to transfer some pictures over to the computer so I can send you some, but it's acting up and it wants me to transfer ALL the pictures and I just want to send some of them. The camera and I are not exactly on the same wavelength because I've been able to send specific pictures before. Not to worry, I'll figure it out next time.

Time is going by so fast! Weeks are something that just seem to whip by if you're not careful. I understand now the concern that my fellow missionaries have expressed: "We have to use the time NOW, we have to work as hard as we can and do as much as we can." (Not a single minute will ever come back for us spend it differently than right now).

In my prayers I pray that I can be even more of an active missionary, instead of a re-active missionary. The days where I just react to stuff, I am left feeling like I haven't accomplished much. Hence I try focusing on being more active and work harder. I really only have 2 years . . . and as I am finding out . . . it's not all that long. I understand how important it is to utilize these two short years to their fullest.

I have been blessed with a very sacred calling that I must learn to magnify, for this truly is God's church containing the full potential of His love and His truth. I am beginning to feel in my heart that He really is MY savior and MY Christ as well as he is YOUR savior and YOUR Christ and no longer the savior and the Christ. The gospel is GREAT and I have so much to learn, so much I want learn and know. This feeling, this love is what I'm out here working to help people feel and understand.

I love you all, and I hope you are having some of "them there good times" and stuff. Take care and say "Hi" to the Ward for me. If you see Elder Wirig and Elder Dalton (Big D), tell them that I miss them as well. If there's anything I can do for you, just say.

Love you all,

Elder Jepsen

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