Thursday, July 23, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission Entry 018

Oh, do I have exciting news for you. Well... guess where I just got my last transfer to???

I didn't see this coming or find it easy to comprehend. I sincerely thought that I would stay in Alleroed Ward until my departure for the MTC. Life (maybe especially mission transfers) just can't be predicted by mere mortals. My last two small weeks as a Danish missionary would be spent in... Fredericia. Surprise!

For those that do not know this. We (my family and I) used to live in Fredericia. We would go for walks and sometimes bring our barbeque out on Trelde Klint (top right corner of map) and had a lot of walks in the Trelde Forest.

With my brother Eric visiting his old friend Rasmus (in our old home town, Fredericia) for the week-end, we were actually both in the same town and that's just a bit crazy...

After the shock settled and I began to come to my senses late Friday evening I began to see the sense in this transfer. Of all the places I could have gone if I didn't stay in Allerød, the Lord chose to send me to Fredericia. I think I have some purpose here yet unknown to me. But I have very little time and I have to move fast if I have to accomplish something, start something or stir a heart. I feel strongly that there is something here that is specifically my task, important for me to get done. I have some things in mind, but I need to submit myself to a lot of prayer to be led by the Spirit in this area. I already know that this is the place that I have to be. It feels right but I also feel that this is going to be a special experience.

The Lord has much in store for me, and I know he's preparing me for something. I just wish I knew what (I might have to ask Him more specifically). I guess that all I can do is have faith and prepare for when He is ready to tell me. I was told the other day that I had a huge amount of faith, by my companion. He said it in the context of that I know that the Lord has a plan with all of us, and that I trust in his wisdom in His plan with me.

Whatever I encounter, I know that the Lord is there, somewhere behind the stage, calling the cues and pulling the strings giving me a fair chance for making good choices. I have given this a lot of thought and I do believe this. I know that my Father in heaven loves me and that he has prepared this for me. I know that it will work out, because He is walking beside me all the way, and if He can be bothered with little me then I can walk the extra mile as long as He is by my side.

Time flies, when I get to the MTC I will have been a missionary for four months already, going on five. When I finally get to Minnesota I will be celebrating my six month mark just a month after I arrive. Woohoo! Haha, life is great!

I have to head off. We have stuff to do and people to see. I love you all!

Next week will be my last email before I enter the MTC! (I'll have that letter off to the Bishop within the next couple days. With the days just whipping by it's hard to find time, even to write ín my journal) I know it's important, and I should work harder on getting in done. If you see the Bishop, would please just update him and confirm if all is in running order? There isn't much I can say or do otherwise. If there anything else that my other mission sends me just forward it or show it to the Bishop. I can't do much from where I am. Thanks for all that you've done so far.

Love you all!

Ældste Jepsen

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