Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Mission News - The Unexpected Phonecall

Editors Note: Computer problems unfortunately are preventing my usual efforts on the blog. I must complete this entry away from my computer and software. Consequently I am unable to modify any pictures for internet use.

Elder Jepsen's brother Paul was kind enough to take some pictures at the Copenhagen Airport and I am looking forward to share them with you all. As soon as I again can access my computer I will process the pictures of Elder Jepsen's departure from Copenhagen Airport to a sufficiently small format to suit normal internet use (people have to be able to download them in order to view them).

We did however get a phone call from our dear Elder as they at the MTC had asked him to call to notify his parents of his arrival. I have tried to the best of my ability to share that phone call with you. We should soon have regular e-mails and pictures again, I hope.

After crossing the Atlantic Elder Jepsen had three hours in Atlanta, Georgia where he was looking for something more substantial than the light lunch served in flight. Having spent his last cash on luggage fees it was time to pull out the plastic. The magnetic strip on his credit card was damaged and he was asking a stranger where there might be place that had a credit card chip reader. Noting the missionary attire and missionary badge the stranger mentioned that he to was a christian and that christians should help one another. Figuring that our Elder Jepsen was looking to buy food he offered to buy him lunch and helped him out of a tight spot. Landing an impromptu dinner appointment out of his area is not at all a bad start and a terrific opportunity to talk about missionary work and the church.

Elder Jepsen was soon on route again and off to Provo, Utah where he had already had breakfast when we spoke to him. There had been nothing else on the schedule yet except meeting all the other missionaries when we spoke to him. I am sure we will hear more exciting news later.

When he called, he was tired after nineteen hours of transit but Elder Jepsen is well and happy. He enjoys where he is and what he is a part of and that is really the most important news.

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