Thursday, July 16, 2009

Elder Jepsen - Seriously Silly Seriousness

I am terribly aware that I in my photos only have been depicting the moments of silly, goofy fun and intend to do my best to correct the matter.

When we actively pursue the good cause of missionary work there is no time or place for pictures and that is as it should be. In the remaining time we try to fit in as much fun as possible between cleaning the apartment, doing the laundry and cleaning behind our ears. Such an intense focus on documenting our silly moments could give cause to the misconception that silly, goofy fun is all we do. This is not so and I will seriously make an attempt at rectifying the matter of imbalance.

The following should give evidence that we not only can be very much serious even in the best of company (that is one of Denmark's past kings behind us, even he removed his hat and that is serious). My companion has for the purpose of illustrating the point transmogrified into a cast lion symbolising our serious, noble and unwavering dedication).

To further show that we indeed do serious missionary work and in a most unbiased fashion try to share our message with all, we have included one of our more quiet and less responsive teaching moments.

It doesn't look like much but she was the only one of our teaching moments that had no objections to being photographed in a teaching situation (well truth be told, she is the only one we asked if she would mind have her picture taken).

PS: On a more serious note, Edmund Burke once said that "All that is essential for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

So let's stop this silliness and all seriously do something and do our best at doing so, even with all the odds against us.

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